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Telephone Answering Service

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At PA4You our telephone answering service offers a full range of virtual office features designed to suit smaller businesses. Our telephone answering service enables you to offer your customers a professional response to all your calls. The following are just some of the features we offer with our telephone answering service and if you need a particular service not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Telephone Answering ServiceBest Small Business of the Year 2014
  • Message Taking
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Reception and Switchboard Lines
  • Virtual Office
  • Short Term Holiday Cover
  • Absence Telephone Cover
  • Order Lines and Order Processing
  • 24/7 Out of Hours Cover
  • Diary Management
  • Booking Lines
  • Emergency Support Lines
  • Fault Escalation Support Lines


"My business is only small, why should I use PA4You?"

Actually, that's the very reason why you do need the services of PA4You. By trusting PA4You with answering the phone whenever you can't or don't want to, you will:

  • Have more time to carry out your core business activities, without interruptions
  • Save money on staffing, IT, premises and telecoms costs, without seeing a dip in your customer service levels
  • Move ahead of your competition by gaining more customers and retaining existing ones
  • Never miss a new opportunity again
  • Give the impression of a large, established business with professional and well trained staff
  • Peace of mind of having our caring support staff available whenever you need to get away from the business, e.g. regular family needs or holidays


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"What sort of businesses do you already work with?"

PA4You works with a large cross section of businesses including:

  • Marketing Consultants
  • Franchise Groups
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Independent Financial Advisors and Mortgage Brokers
  • Domestic and Commercial Cleaning
  • Holiday and self-catering agencies
  • Accident Claims Management
  • Web-based businesses
  • Mail-order businesses
  • National franchisee groups
  • Software and sales process developers
  • Clinic based health treatment providers
  • Marketing consultants
  • Personal, diet and well-being consultants
  • Charities
  • Debt Managers
  • Builders
  • Gardeners
  • Holistic Therapists
  • Driving Instructors

"What do your customers say about you?"

".............Hi, I want to give you some nice feedback. I was in a right mess on Friday as my car broke down and I had to organise breakdown recovery, mechanics, insurance etc etc etc.   Also I needed to get in touch with prospects to move appointments around...  but my girls had already left the office...  Anyhow I called your girls to get the clients numbers so I could call them, and one of your girls helped giving them to me, and then saying she could call them for me if this would help.  I wish I'd taken a note of her name as she was fantastic.  I also managed to get all the clients I signed up on Friday, thanks to the great communication.  Would you be able to say a big thank you to her for her help.  You're fortunate to have such a great team over there........"  Commercial Property Maintenance

"Hi, I just wanted to pass some feedback to you. A regular customer of mine has spoken to various girls at your office and praises their professionalism and helpfulness. Another customer emailed me today to thank me for our efficient service - for your Lucy who took the call in the first instance earlier today and me for getting back to him promptly and trying to sort things out for him! Other customers that I have asked have said the girls are very efficient and pleasant. Thank you for making my business a little more efficient if I'm out of the office or can't get to the phone! Customers do appreciate having someone to talk to rather than an answering machine!"  Cheshire Cleaning Company


"Our business is doing fabulously and without the help of PA4You we would not be in the position we are today." Landscape Gardener

"Your team has transformed my business." Book Dealer

"To employ a decent receptionist would cost around £12,000 per annum; I pay PA4You about £1,500 per annum." Independent Letting Agent

"Our calls are always answered in a professional manner and our clients feel assured that we are contactable whenever they need to reach us."  Accountant

All the testimonials on this website are from genuine PA4You customers.  We are happy to provide further background information on each testimonial if you require it.